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About Maverick Bikes

We are a veteran owned and run local business. The bike shop works hand in hand with Maverick Charities to give back to our local community.

With this new model we will be able to tap into a much larger body of the cycling community and come together as a whole to find ways for increased cycling advocacy to improve the safety and security for drivers and cyclist alike.

If it’s your first ride, training for that next big road race, carving out a new line on the trails, catching big air at the park, touring across the country, crossing the great divide or touring out you back door, we can help you achieve your goals.

The store and charity will work hand in hand to be a perfect complement to each other and mission of an improved environment for cycling in general. Tax-deductible bicycle and cycling accessory donations along with a full retail store front for new and used bicycles, parts and accessories and a high-level service center.

Add locally sourced coffee and food in our Maverick Café and we are not taking about your corner bicycle shop anymore but a community hub of cycling lifestyle.

Why a charity? After 31 years we re-launched this shop as a charity because we believe it is the best model to preserve the community bike shop foundation and offers a new platform on which to grow. The best way to maintain community and grow cycling is to put the profits back into the community.

What happens to the money and donations? We utilize funds to produce safety videos, tell stories about the cycling community, conduct classes and advocate for an improved cycling experience.

How can you help?

Tell everyone about Maverick Bikes & Cafe. Come bring us your donations. Share your love of cycling life and safety. Let us tell your story so others can see how wonderful the cycling lifestyle can be. We look forward to seeing you in our showroom and getting you on the bike of your dreams.