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About Maverick Bikes

We are a veteran owned and run local business. Our bike shop works hand in hand with Maverick Charities to give back to our local community and the world.  Our goal is to enable all kinds of people.  Our policy is no bike left behind.

Our model enables us to tap into the local community and increase cycling culture, advocacy, and to improve the safety of drivers and cyclist alike.

The store and charity work hand in hand to be a perfect complement to each other, providing a place for tax-deductible bicycle and cycling accessory donations along with a full retail store front for new and used bicycles, parts and necessities along side our expert service center.

Add locally sourced coffee and food in our café and we are not taking about a regular corner bicycle shop anymore but a community hub of cycling culture & lifestyle.

Why a charity? Because we believe it is the best model to preserve the community bike shop foundation and offers a new platform on which to grow.  The best way to grow cycling culture in our local community is to enable every day people within our community.

What happens to the donations?  We put people on bikes.  More than 2000 bicycles have been provided out to those in need - for free.  And when we cannot make a bike available locally, our no bike left behind policy means we partner with Bikes For the World to put people on bikes in Africa and South America.

So don't toss your bike, DONATE IT.  Any bike.  Any condition.  No bike left behind.

How can you help?

Tell everyone about Maverick Bikes & Cafe.  Come bring us your donations. Share your love of cycling culture & lifestyle.  Be part of positive change.  Help write our story so others can see how wonderful the cycling lifestyle can be - and how beneficial to enabling the local community.  We look forward to seeing you in our shop and getting you on the bike of your dreams...all while making your old bike the bike of someone else's dreams.