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Since September 2019, Maverick Bikes and Maverick Charities have worked side-by-side to enable people in our community and around the world by bike.  Our no bike left behind policy takes in donation bikes of any condition from YOU - our local community - and turns them around again for those in need: from Leesburg to Rwanda to Ecuador and beyond.

Donation to Bikes For the World

29 APRIL 2024

Maverick Charities completed our second donation of 2024 with our new partners: Bikes For the World.  

This load was 116 bicycles headed to Africa and South America for those in need.  

A special thanks to YOU: local Virginians.  Our customers and friends.  For providing the donation bikes and helmets that enable those who need it most.

We are proud to continue our no bike left behind policy by enabling people with freedom by bicycle worldwide.

Donation to Dominion HS

15 MAY 2022

Maverick Charities is providing Loudoun County Public Schools employees with another load of bicycles - this time for Dominion High School.  

Dominion High School bicycles were picked up by LCPS employees for the Congestion Must Go program. Maverick Charities set the bikes up for students and distribution is occurring in the gym.

We are proud to continue our support for the children of LCPS and to brighten their lives by giving them freedom and fitness.

Donation to Smarts MS

08 MAY 2022

Maverick Charities provided bicycles to Loudoun County Public Schools employees again yesterday, this time for Smarts Middle School.  We are proud to continue our relationship with LCPS to help enable kids toward a brighter, cleaner, more fit tomorrow. 

Brambleton Annual Bike Drive

Benefiting Maverick Charities

March 17, 2023

Maverick Bikes and Cafe’s mission is to help provide Loudoun County Public School elementary and middle school students with bicycles to ride. They fix donated bikes and provide them to students that have been identified as financially needy. Helmets, safety lights, and locks are also included to ensure that bikes are secured and operated safely.

Bike donations are also currently being accepted at Maverick’s shop in Leesburg (32C Catoctin Circle SE). Call Maverick at 703-777-6126 with any questions, including if bikes are in suitable condition to donate.

Maverick also helps provide needy adults in the community with bicycles for transportation to and from jobs, especially to those who have recently been incarcerated or have transitioned into a halfway house and need viable transportation. They also accept donations for local food banks and help preserve Loudoun County’s historic network of Civil War era dirt roads.

Congestion Must Go Program

December 10, 2022

Bringing Community Together Award

April 28, 2022

LCPS honored Maverick Bikes, Bike Loudoun and Abrams & Landau with the “Bringing Community Together Award” for our work in the school system getting kids bicycles that otherwise would not have one. The staff at Maverick Bikes are extremely proud of this award and humbled by the support for our shop from the community. Thanks to all that have supported us.

Virginia School Board Association Award

April 26, 2022

Maverick Bikes received an award on April 26, 2022 from the Virginia School Board Association entering us into the “Business Honor Roll Program” for our service to the children in our local community. All of this is directly related to our friends that have given time and donated the bicycles for the children. Thanks from all of us at Maverick Bikes and Maverick and Maverick Charities. It takes a village.

Madison’s Trust Elementary Bike Drive

April 25, 2022

Thanks to all that donated bicycles at the Madison’s Trust Elementary School bike drive. The staff worked hard and in the end donated 31 bicycles to Maverick Charities.

Congestion Must Go Program

Meadowland Elementary School

April 7, 2022

Maverick Charities delivered 15 bicycles to Loudoun County Public Schools bike programs for students at Meadowland Elementary School. Each child gets fitted for a helmet, a backpack, lights and lock before they hit the road. Doug Landau of Landau Law Firm in Herndon provides helmets and sling packs though his law firm in Herndon through a matching grant with the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. To all of you that have donated bicycles, thank you.

A big thanks to our 2021 donation patrons, without your generous donations none of this would have been possible.

Xavier Walker, Stan DeFilippis, Leesburg Police Department, Purcellville Police Department, Rob Benson, Charlotte Forrester, Jeffery Divito, Jill Devilbiss, Richard Jackson, Sandra Bultrema, Tom McGee, Jack Mount, Melissa Roberts, Joseph Pius, Ocpavio Guenbert, Michael Tucker, David Savage, Mark Maxey, JJ Kolodziej, Eric Farabaugh, Mike Johnson, Louis Sharp, Dorothy McDonald, Joey Rice, O.A.R., Crystal Balls, Peter Sveum, Shelley Shuman, Carolyn Everhart, Brambleton Citizens Association(72 bikes), Richard Dalessandro, Malinda Gilman, Cindy Annino, John Sanford, Joseph Dunbar, Mike Dunbar, Liz Hohm, Timothy Hoffer, Rick Krens, Franke Nieber, Greg Wulchin, David Ditka, Mike Byrnes, Tom Brogan, David Sugg, Gia Parrott, Cheryl Lewandowski, John Ko, Stephan Lamm, Tim Brindley, Lisa Bagnall, Marvin Kidder, Wells Merrill, Aron Canghemi, Kristen Friedrich, John Jordan, Zubair Aziz, Michael O’Connor, Craig Taylor, Mike Shivik, Justin Mauch, Travis Thompson, Jason Morgan, Jill Featherstone, Carolina Allen, David Duncan, Chris Canellos, Eric Deborja, Sean Brown, Mat Ridolfi, George Benson, Hiroko Kogi, Mike Weber, Josh Pickeral, Brenda Bowler, John Heisler, Carmen Marco, Olin Filyaw, Nigel James, William Wilson, Jim Barton,  Patrick O’Brien, Barbrab Glagish, Michael Tucker, Marissa Johnson, Louis Sharp, Jamie Ruebling, George Fodor, Melinda Fitter, Casper Voogt, Steven Dotson, Jerry Donofrio, Tom Sauro, Samad Shaik, Gretchen Wilber, Jeff Brown, Catherine Lynner, James Joint, Terry Thorton, Dave Fuentes, George Gerliczy, Clifford Sweatte, Frank Gaffney, Katherine Wellhouse, Peter Miller, Tom Broad, Michael Johnson, Robert Suter, Cheryl Fuchs, Ray Daffner, Paris Towner, Mark Vanderlyn, Chris Preston, Peter Alfano, Peter Schweitzer, Jennifer Rath,  Matthew Ouano, Walter Carter, Mike Kurdish, Liz Hohm, Angus MacKenzie, Robert Serth, Erik LaBianca, Brain Schreffuler, Josh Arnestad, Mike Bracken, John McGovern, Patrick Groomes, Krishna Kalidindi, Jamie Friedman, Travey Pilkinton, Mark Dunn, Samar Yaz, Satish Penmethsa, Elizabeth Beck, Matt Posid, Lisa Johnson, John Flanigan, Linda Sandberg, Mona Reinhardt, Elliot Wilster, Jack Helmly, Kimbley Altobellio, Josh Davidson, Donna Cash, Ed Thomas, Richard Zaher, Edward Shope, Kris Bernstein, Craig Dubois, Stephen Girimont, Gary Rominger, Jeffrey Divito, Keith Burmaster, Cathy Stanton, Ibrahim Ahmed, Ana Mhatre, Amanda Zajc, Bob Kuhfahl, Kevin Miller, Wayne Helge, Craig Huber, Scott Smith, Gib Smith, Susan Ward, Dan Mckeon, Andre Marques, Michael Butterfield, Alex Guevara, Peter Sellers, Lauren Saenz, Scott Lambisae, Mark Vanderlyn, Virginia Behrends, Sriram Bulusu, Ann Bernstein, Sharron Bendekovic, Brandon Sutter, Andrea Apple-Robey, Kin Hart, Steve Sicking, Josh Arnestad, Joshua Fish, Stephen Reed, Nick Bibbs, Amanda Zajc, Chris Malone, Sally Herman, Jeff Reynolds, Synden Iwerks, William Rankin, Roy Whitfield, Rob Betsill, Lou Diserafino, Ben Stribling, Joanne Hawelka, Al Rubio, Chris Volz, Bob Rupi, Mark Peterson, Scott Walker, Brian Frutchey, James Joynt, James Travis, Mark Trent, Gordon Turner, James Ashworth, Jeremiah Keller, John Lord, David Winter, Matt Smith, Jack Nash, pat Turner, Tarik Vayghan, John Ko, Ray Schaffer, Chris Huhn, Kevin Hatcher, Bill Flaherty, Jane Reed, Denise Kloeppel, Oscar Espinosa, David Roberts, Dell Marsha, Michael Conway, Pamela Escobar, Mary Foster, Greg Prouty, David Campbell, Melissa Kowalski, Chitra Sivanandam, Patrick Hebert, Sean Goodrich and Eric Hubbs

Christmas Lights Tour

Benefiting Ampersand Pantry Project

Leesburg Holiday Light Bike Ride

Thanks to everyone that came out for the annual Christmas Lights Tour it was a lot of fun. We are still collecting food 24-7 so please stop in and drop some off at our Ampersand Pantry Project drop box at the front door of our showroom at Maverick Bikes & Cafe at 32 C Catoctin Circle in Virginia Village Shopping Center.

Maverick Bikes & Maverick Charities

Wraps up our 2021 charitable giving

Congestion Must Go Program

Potowmack Elementary School

November 16, 2021; Maverick Bikes has partnered with Loudoun County School Systems to help children in need. Click the video above for details.

Starting off the fall season with Maverick Charities and the LCPS Congestion Must Go Program. Maverick Charities delivered bicycles to Frederick Douglass Elementary School in Leesburg today. Here bicycles are delivered to kids in the Gym. (Photo By Douglas Graham)

Congestion Must Go Program

Frederick Douglass Elementary School & Cool Springs Elementary School

October 7 & 27, 2021: In October Maverick Charities delivered bicycles to Cool Springs Elementary School in Leesburg for the Loudoun County Public Schools Congestion Must Go Program. Seen here bicycles are delivered to kids in the Gym. Each child gets fitted for a helmet and the bike has finial adjustments made before they hit the road.

Seen here is Doug Landau of Landau Law Firm in Herndon. Helmets and sling packs are provided Landau’s Law Firm in Herndon through a matching grant with the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association.

A special thanks to Doug Landau of Landau Law Firm in Herndon. Helmets and sling packs are provided Landau’s Law Firm in Herndon through a matching grant with the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. Landau has been a huge partner with Maverick Charities to make sure the children all get helmets. We cannot thank him enough.