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The Must Attend Event of Summer!


Our Mission

We are a one-stop home for the local cycling community to gather, enjoy coffee and a snack, and share experiences to learn more about all things bicycling. This new model for a bike shop will allow us all to come together to find and advocate for cycling and improve safety and security for drivers and cyclists alike. Maverick Bikes & Maverick Charities is not just a shop: it’s the voice and advocate for helping those folks in our local community that need it most.

Showroom & Charity

The shop and charity will work hand-in-hand as complements to each other to achieve the mission of creating an improved environment for cycling in general. Maverick Bikes & Cafe was re-launched as a non-profit supporting a charity because we believe it is the best model to preserve the idea of a community bike shop and it offers the best way to not only maintain and grow cycling by putting the profits back into the community.

Service Department

The same excellent service you have grown to love is right where you left it. Full service on all levels of bicycles from your kids first bike to that top level race machine. You have maintenance needs, from parts to equipment to mechanical and safety questions, we will solve them.

Events & Rides

Events for all levels of cyclist with our highly trained and skilled staff will not only be fun but educational. We will cover everything from changing your own flat to learning how to pack for the long distance bike packing trip you have been dreaming about to doing demo days with new bike lines.